SUMNER | damn the torpedoes

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I've always adored the marriage between art and fashion.  For decades the two have developed side by side, one influencing the other. In the 1920's Salvador Dali created dresses for Coco Chanel and Gianna Versace commissioned Roy Lichtenstein for one of his exclusive collections. Clothing, like painting, is an expression of oneself.  It is a creative yet physical declaration of individual culture, identity, status or shared mindset. Yet unlike a traditional painting, clothing is a canvas that moves through the streets, subways, bus stops and dance floors; a creative axiom intersecting with the flow of life. 

It is the flow of daily life combined with the mobility of art that interests me.  So instead of releasing a traditional collection of signed and numbered fine art prints to be framed, I'm releasing a collection of signed and numbered fine art prints to be worn. In addition, this limited release of clothing is titled after a historical phrase that captures a personal mindset of many artists, creatives, and rebels  - "damn the torpedoes."

The first collection from SUMNER | damn the torpedoes is based on my 2019 painting SURVIVAL.  

The limited edition SURVIVAL bomber is printed in high resolution and assembled by hand in London. Like a traditional fine art print, every bomber is signed and numbered. Each quality garment is made to order.  

The SURVIVAL Levi's denim Trucker and Boyfriend Trucker are hand-selected from the Levi's flagship store in downtown, San Francisco with a canvas patch printed in London. Each trucker is hand-embellished with paint, signed and numbered.  Like the bomber, the SURVIVAL Trucker is limited edition and made to order.

A percentage of each sale from the SURVIVAL collection will benefit the Downtown Women's Center of Los Angeles, CA. 

With thanks. Damn the torpedoes.

-Ashleigh Sumner